"SOUNDOFF on SALSA", Ep. 3: Personal

This one is personal. And has nothing to do with Salsa however, I am going to use the little platform I have to express myself.

Early this morning something happened.. I was tired physically bc I hadn’t slept well in a few days, and I was tired mentally bc I was trying extra hard to be “cool” with a crew member I was working directly with but didn’t necessarily care for (in a position I didn’t necessarily care for). So, I had a moment. Somewhere in between the extremes of dealing with her, the crew, the passengers, my lack of energy, my burning desire to just be home, feeling alone and listening to some deep shit, I became overwhelmed. But who could I turn to at 3:51am (New York time)? No one but the “podcast”.

The song I feature, which is ultimately responsible for bringing my momentary emotional-instability to the surface is Sevdaliza's "Love's Way". More about her HERE.

PS - in the recording I say I have a "pretty decent crew". I was being PC, obviously. Just saying :)