Tired Queen


You're just a tired queen that leans on the means of other sorry fiends. Yea, tired queen, you'll never be me and not to be mean but you will remain unseen 'cuz after all these years no one knows who you be in the scene.. so pre-teen. You dance, you sing, you create yet your werk that can't carry its weight because it's second-rate, always a bit late. That's right I said it, you're tired, a liar, sorry queen bye Felicia you're fired! 

Copyright 2014 Jose Batista-Ayala

Those days. That daze.


I miss the days I didn't know any better. A time when I thought people, places and things were kind to one another and looked out for their brother. That daze which made "Hail Mary full of grace" amaze and produce miracles. Sounds poetic and truly lyrical but it was my truth before the cynical. 

Copyright 2014 Jose Batista-Ayala



My momma is special. I know everyone says that about their mom but mine really is. She's overcome battles that should have destroyed her. She's won wars that should have killed her, yet she's still here doing what's right despite the world's wrongs. For a while, I felt like she owed me something. Like she owed me years of absence but I came to my senses the day I realized she gave me the greatest gift possible.. life!

We fight like husband and wife, we Iove like brother and sister and we carry on like mother and son. We don't always agree but I tell you this much, she's my type of crazy and I wouldn't change her for anything! People see her as many things, for different reasons but she's my momma plain and simple.

Happy Birthday, I love YOU - momma.

Thank you.


Thank you for giving me something to eat, a place to sleep and room to breath. See, I am ME because of WE and I come to thee knowing that the life I see was grown from a seed of need. In this world full of necessity, you gave me reason to believe in tomorrow - even if borrowed.

Thank you for loving me tough – for helping me, supporting me, bathing me, raising me rough. Your hands helped wash away the pain of the day he didn’t love me enough. Those days were darker, but I am harder, a bigger and better fighter because of the fire in his lighter.

Copyright 2013 Jose Batista-Ayala

My World Gets Smaller


As I expand, my world gets smaller. I feel like I'm standing on shoulders and all I can see are boulders, blocking, cockblocking, mocking my past, hindering my future and at times it's torture. The world just, gets smaller. My circles vary though they marry, they join, intertwine, intermix and it's sick, how my stomach mimics the feeling of dealing with - I know him, I fucked Kim, did u see Tim? Because my world gets smaller, it dims.. 

I feel like I can't meet, walk down the street without defeat, and casually encounter someone who mutually we have in commonly, habitually becoming too routinely for me.

Copyright 2013 Jose Batista-Ayala

True Blue


I'm sitting at this bus stop waiting for a revelation,
because I have time to kill before I reach my final destination.
Having mixed emotions is worse then a boat in rocky oceans 
filled with love potions that kill you dead in your motions.
The thought of you is clouding up my mind,
and it's a sign I should unwind and be kind to myself,
hang up the bullshit on a high shelf for a minute.
I did it too so time to get wit it.
With a beer and a tear in one hand,
and an hourglass of sand in another, there was no other but each other.
As I sip and reminisce about the shit we did and probably should dismiss
I can’t help but think..
There was a time I saw my future in you.
Through and through, true blue, fool proof future in you.
Our long walks, crazy talks, fantasies shared, vision impaired!
You were my pair, my share, my piece of the pie made of peace of mind.


Copyright 2012 Jose Batista-Ayala